Frequently asked questions

MY ACCOUNT - How to create an account for shopping online?

MY ACCOUNT - What if I have forgotten my password?

MY ACCOUNT - How is my personal information used?

MY SHARE OF A CASK - How does it work?

MY SHARE OF A CASK – How can I be sure that the share of a cask really belongs to me, while it matures at the distillery?

MY SHARE OF A CASK – How many bottles do I get for my share of a cask?

MY SHARE OF A CASK – Is the cask strength always the same?

MY SHARE OF A CASK - Why subscribing for a share of eternity?

DELIVERY - How will my whisky bottles be delivered?

DELIVERY – When will my bottles of whisky be delivered?

DELIVERY – What if I am not able to come to the distillery to collect my bottles?

PAYMENT & SECURITY – Is my payment secure?

PAYMENT & SECURITY - How can I pay my order?

PAYMENT & SECURITY - Do you have problems to complete the transaction?

QUALITY – Is the Belgian Owl whisky really 100% Belgian?

QUALITY - Are the cask shares so special?

GIFT - You don’t want to wait ?

GIFT - Can I offer a share to someone else as a gift/surprise?

MINOR - Can I purchase a share of a cask even if I am a minor?