Which share would you choose?

This project has gather three men : Etienne the stillman , Christian the financial and Pierre the farmer. Each one of them took the time to share their responses for you.


The aging eight years or ten years?

Belgian Owl will be distinguished by wooden notes. These notes will combine even more with the original freshness of our terroir.

If you prefer single malt whisky with candied and spicy notes, Etienne advises you to wait for the 10-yeras aged version.

Bottling at 46% vol. or cask strenght?

Lovers who appreciate tasting their whisky at 46% vol . will follow the instinct of Christian with the classic bottling .

However, if you tickle the curiosity to taste a cask strenght whisky, taken directly from his barrel, select the bottling close to 70% vol.

Why Belgian ?

Because all stages of production from the growing of barley to bottling are Belgian.

Pierre can tell you that : the miracle begins when the barley takes root and draws all its mineral, unique and typical richness in the heart of our lands.